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What our customers say about our services

"It is really amazing, no cap! If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, you should definitely choose this place. Very professional, hygienic and friendly people."

Archana Nair

"Well if it comes to tattooing BLACK POISON comes first in mind , it’s not first time, I did before also. Amazing work, professionalism, cleanliness on point , no doubt."

Niez Miennie

"I am Visit First time In black poison tattoo i am wonderful experience And All tattoo artists and members are Too supportive and talanted. Thank you so much Black Poison Tattoo Artists And members."

Mitesh Gohel

"This is the place from where I got my first tattoo done. All i came with was a pinterest image that i liked. The artist at black poison tattoo helped me craft a beautiful symbol with much meaning."

Dhruvi Prajapati

We care about the art we create.

At Black Poison Tattoo Studio, you will always find a friendly, courteous, professional staff dedicated to the art of Tattooing & Body Piercing.

Black Poison Tattoo Studio uses the best of equipments, world class standards of tattooing and our Hygiene standards meet International levels.

Packed Needles are opened in front of you and after the tattoo is completed, it is either given back to you or destroyed. Also everything that touches your skin is new like the needles, ink caps, gloves, razors etc to make your tattooing experience a memory for lifetime.

Black Poison Tattoo Studio features a team of highly skilled artists, who share a passion for tattooing and for connecting with clients to bring their artistic visions to life.

Black Poison Tattoo Studio is committed and is religiously working for the growth of Tattoo Art in Ahmedabad, India.

We see all big cities of India have already given a nod to the potential of this art. Providing quality information to anyone who needs will surely help this art getting the deserved Love and Respect.

Our aim to provide you with a piece of art you will be proud to wear. We offer a clean, friendly and professional studio to ensure that your tattoo experience is as enjoyable as possible. 100% privacy and comfort is guaranteed during your appointment.

Mr. Jack and Robby (Raju) have over 13 combined years of tattoo experience in Black Poison Tattoos.

They are full time artists and opened up Black Poison in June of 2010. Jack’s artistry in tattooing and drawing started around that time, and as you can see by the artwork.

Nowadays Black Poison Tattoos build up a highly skilled tattoo artists team, who share a passion for tattooing and for connecting with clients to bring their artistic visions to life… Black Poison is a one of the outstanding custom tattooist in the tattoo industry, The artists at Black Poison have experienced in all type of tattoo designs.

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