Angry Lord Shiva Tattoo

Angry Lord Shiva Tattoo

Angry Lord Shiva Tattoo

Lord Shiva’s Dance

When Shiva dances his famous Tandav Nritya, it symbolises the battle for Truth by banishing ignorance, which helps to relieve the suffering of his followers.

Destroyer Turns Protector

Once, Lord Shiva saved the gods and the world from destruction by swallowing the poison of Vasuki, a serpent the gods used to produce the water of life. Drinking the poison made Shiva’s neck turn blue, and he is often depicted that way in art.

Lord Shiva’s Blue Throat

Lord Shiva is also known by the name of “Nilakaṇtha”, which literally means the blue-throated. Once Goddess Parvati learnt that Lord Shiva had swallowed poison, he rushed to hold his neck, so that the poison would not travel neck downwards. That’s how his neck became a deep blue…

The Ganga river

One of Shiva’s greatest services to the world was to tame the mighty Ganga river. Once upon a time, the Ganga used to traverse through the heavens only, leaving the earth parched and dry. When a wise man changed the course of the river, it threatened to become a raging torrent which would certainly flood the earth. However, Shiva stood in the way of the heavens and the earth and captured Ganga in his thick locks, thereby stemming its flow.

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